With Great Yarn Comes Great Responsibility

Geektastic Fibers is two woman team operating from opposite sides of the United States. All self striping yarn is dyed and sent to you by Amanda in Virginia. The dye mastermind is kept on task and the website is maintained by Adora in Washington. 

Both of us have been knitting or crocheting in some capacity since childhood. The passion followed both of us into adulthood where our paths crossed and we became family. After bonding through our love of the fiber arts as well as our many fandoms, Geektastic Fibers was born. 

Here at Geektastic Fibers we love all the fiber arts. First and foremost we are geeks for yarn, fiber and crafts of all kinds. However we are also members of numerous fandoms. Everything from Shakespeare to anime, superheroes to The Supreme Court, and classic literature to Broadway productions are represented in our colorways. We understand that rush of excitement you get when you find something that so accurately represents your fandom. We've done that happy dance in the store and definitely let out that little (okay maybe not so little) "squeeee!" when we see a new fandom related item online. 

Our goal is to help you feel that rush, do that dance, and let out that yip of excitement when you see our products. We are always taking suggestions for new fandoms to incorporate into our repertoire so please feel free to let us know if there is something you want to see or simply if you want to share your fandom with us!