Amanda’s Fluffy Gay Yarn And Book Club - May
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Amanda’s Fluffy Gay Yarn And Book Club - May

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Amanda’s Fluffy Gay Yarn and Book Club

So This Is Ever After is an amazing book with D&D vibes, all kinds of representation, and it answers the age old question, what happens after you finish your quest, save the kingdom and defeat the big baddie? Naturally it’s time to finally confess to your bestie that you love them! Or is it? Read the book and find out! I guarantee FT Lukens will have you laughing, crying and rolling your eyes at the antics of this adventuring party! 
This club will come with two skeins of yarn, one self striping and one tonal. Also included will be several carefully curated extras from other independent artists! You also have the option for us to send you the book with your club so you can read and knit a lovely project along with it! We’ll even provide the pattern for you! 


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